New 2019 feature : The WESphone

Date: 17/09/2019

WES (Watchdoc Embedded Solutions), is the name commonly given to Watchdoc® interfaces directly embedded on the MFP screens.

Doxense announces the release of the WESphone, developed to allow users to go futher in terms of mobile of printing: All their work can be printed on any type of network device regardless of its model, brand or its age.

Thus, bringing more flexibility, and mobility without them having to renew their equipment which is already in place.

The WESphone offers the Watchdoc® user the possibility of unlocking their print jobs, after having defined their properties, from their mobile phone or tablet. The fast and secure operation relies on identifying devices using a QR Code (or searching by name and identifier) ​​and it leverages the full power of the Watchdoc® standard features for user identification and their print jobs.

This new WEB functionality is therefore accessible by all types of smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet and will adapt to different screen sizes. Its development is independent of IOS / Android, facilitating its next evolution.

Launching offer : the WESphone option is free in 2019 !

New in the Watchdoc® 5.3 version and in line with our tag line ‘’new ways to leave your mark ‘’the WESphone expands the ways you can print!