Doxense offers a range
of Professional Services
and Support options

Our consultants and support specialists are directly employed by Doxense and are tightly integrated into our software development team to ensure quick resolution of your technical issues.


Most Doxense solutions are installed directly by our customers. Complex and very large environments may have more complicated requirements and implementations.

These large and complex enterprises typically have more complicated Print Management implementations. Our experience is that several factors contribute to this complexity :

  • Network size : thousands of users, hundreds of Windows Print Servers
  • Network complexity : many national or global locations or remote locations
  • Directory Services : networks with complex or multiple Active Directories
  • Fleet of devices : large fleet of legacy printers and MFPs from multiple manufacturers.

Our Experience
Doxense provides a full range of Professional Services and Product Support. Our consultants and product support specialists are Doxense employees and are tightly integrated into our software development team to ensure that your project has access to the right resources at the right time. Doxense has over 20 years experience and our solutions are installed with:


Partners in 8 countries




Print servers








Doxense is flexible on how you choose to implement your Print Management solution: implement yourself or have our experienced consultants implement on your behalf.

Doxense provides the flexibility that you need to manage your IT projects. Doxense can either support or lead your implementation based on your needs:

  • Doxense can support your IT organization in the implementation. Doxense can provide the training, documentation and installation tools. Doxense scriptable enterprise installation tools are based on years of experience working with complex network environments.
  • Doxense can lead the implementation effort. With the appropriate network access and customer IT resources, Doxense can perform virtually the entire installation remotely.

Doxense uses a simple Consult, Plan, and Execute project methodology.


  • Define unique requirements
  • Document network needs, pre-requisites, key contacts and stakeholders
  • Customer sign-off


  • Present best practices
  • Define IT infrastructure and location roll-out
  • Document schedule, roles and responsibilities • Customer sign-off


  • Execute roll-out plan
  • Communicate issues and achievements
  • Monitor organizational change management
  • Final customer sign-off


Many of Doxense’s enterprise customers find it difficult to maintain their own internal Windows Print Server skills and use our experienced consultants to supplement their print-related projects.

Our consultant’s skills and experience have helped many large enterprise customers with many types of consulting projects:

  • Print audits
  • Communications and Change Management planning
  • Print policy implementation
  • Windows Print server optimization and management

Our customers find that they are able to save more pages, and save more money, using our consulting services. Our experience allows us to find savings in ways that most customers would otherwise miss.


Our Product Support team is available to help you trouble-shoot issues that may arise. Additionally, our Connect portal is a single point of access for all of your training and support needs.

Doxense strives to ensure that all of our solutions are robust and error-free. Issues may arise and are many times connected to the complexity of enterprise environments.

Doxense gives your IT group (or partner) the training and technical documentation necessary for the first-level of support. Your IT group (or partner) also has access to the Connect portal. Connect is an on-line repository of the latest documentation, training material, videos, and FAQs. Connect is also used to create and view your own trouble tickets.

Connect is monitored by support specialists to rapidly identify and resolve potential problems. Email and phone support can also be available for mission critical implementations.